Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do i have to bring with me when i visit your venue?
A. Just the entrance fee. A towel and locker are included in the price.

Q. Do you sell bottled water?
A. No. We have a free chilled-water dispenser.

Q. Will i be allowed to cross dress in your venue?
A. Yes, but please don’t wear high heels on our soft furnishings.

Q. Do i have to get dressed to go outside for a smoke?
A. No. We have a secluded smoking area. Dressing gowns are provided if needed.

Q. Can i leave the venue and call back later?
A. Yes, we do a day pass that will allow you to come and go as you please for 12 hours.

Q. Are there any theme nights? (leather, naked day, bears etc...)
A. Not during the winter months. But you are still welcome to wear it if you like.

Q. What theme nights are planned for the summer months?
A. Nothing yet. Please feel free to suggest some on our contacts page.

Q. Do you have a sunbed?
A. We have a modern stand-up sun shower. It's £1 for 3 minutes.

Q. Do you accept card payments?
A. Unfortunately not. There are plenty of cash machines in the local area.

Q. Is there anywhere to park close to the venue?
A. There are plenty of places for on-street parking.